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sticky date

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pudding for Christmas



smiley on the ground

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echoed by a one-tooth grin for those sampat days

I foresee an addiction with couscous for the next few weeks. Concocted the yummiest dish of couscous with bacon bits, onions, coriander and sauteed mushrooms today. Li Shan who is not exactly a couscous fan gave it two thumbs up. Maybe we were just plain hungry but gah, it was lip-smackingly delicious. Oh, the convenience! Four minutes for the couscous and ten minutes for the entire meal! Poached salmon with vegetable couscous, grilled chicken breast with sun-dried tomatoes and olive couscous salad, couscous with Ikea meatballs, couscous and what-nots for lunch in the office… wooo! I can go nutty! Yes, couscous with black beans and mackerel! Maybe couscous with chicken rendang… Hehe…


raksasa biskut

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in mama’s kitchen

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The all-time favourite: carrot (cup)cake with cream cheese frosting

Cherry Ripe chocolate cupcake



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“Your Waigong used to chop a mountain-ful of small onions when making this. He also used belly pork with a lot of fat. Do you remember?”
“This is the Eng Chun Hokkiens’ style of preparing meat rolls.”
“Did Waigong’s recipe included crushed Marie biscuits as well?”
“Yes, I’m making them as he taught me to and now I’m teaching you.”
“Orh… nice.”
“Each time I make this, I remember him, I remember your Waipo…”
“This is my way of remembering…”


Christmas cakes

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Supra’s chocolate fruit cake *Photog: Supra

Oreo cheese(cup)cake with Toblerone and Bailey’s


pause and play

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Hui Ling came over to bake some chocolate cupcakes after lunch today. She was pleased as Punch that baking was much easier and more enjoyable than she had anticipated. The cupcakes came out with a nice fluffy texture but looked like cute little cups of Chipsmore ice-cream. They were however, in dire need of more chocolate as I had ran out of cocoa powder and we didn’t overdose on the chocolate chunks. Time to go shopping at the baking supplies shop which sells all sorts of Valrhona products!

We are giving half the cupcakes a spread of Nutella topping and peanut butter for the rest, finishing with a sprinkling of white chocolate drops. I can’t wait to see them all decked out on the office pantry counter top… Somehow, I am imagining chocolate toadstools…

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be long full days this week but I am really looking forward to the short break coming up beginning from the Singapore National Day holiday. I need to catch my breath!