doragon bebi

In kindred, love on February 7, 2012 by carinasuyin

Our little one is a traveller even before he’s arrived! We found out I was pregnant in November after coming back from a conference in Orlando, Florida; what I thought was jet lag turned out to be a positive pregnancy test. Then we went for a 10-day holiday to Kerala, India in December, back home to Petaling Jaya for Chinese New Year in January and just last weekend to one of our favourite cities – Bangkok. Lots of fresh seafood and plenty of walking!

So far, this little baby loves spicy food but not fast food and sweets – he’s got his daddy’s tastebuds. It has been an easy first trimester with just mild nausea and the occasional fatigue. It’s amazing how you start caring for this person growing within you so much that his welfare come before yours and your thoughts go automatically to him in your daily decisions…

Just a little embryo at seven weeks

Side profile looking like Charlie Brown 🙂


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