In bits & pieces on November 8, 2011 by carinasuyin

“One cannot be deeply responsive to the world
without being saddened very often.”
Erich Fromm

The tissue packet lady who stands at the steps outside the church every day, swollen legs and back hunched over, rain or shine; the one with the life-giving smile that makes you wave and return a smile.

The disabled guy with a cheerful grin who sells lottery tickets outside the shopping mall on the weekends and the man who patiently feeds him a packet of mixed rice during lunch.

The blind singer musician who lifts my heart each time he sings a hymnn that echoes in the underpass tunnel, whose gravity of presence is a comforting constant among the unending change of people going to and fro.

The jolly old man who takes a bus faithfully every weekend to join his street busker friend as they entertain the dispersing church crowd with their off-key and comical renditions of worship songs, the one who makes you grin when you catch him nodding off or waving his cane excitedly at a friendly passerby.


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