saltwater wells in my eyes

In bits & pieces on November 11, 2010 by carinasuyin

I found myself twice in one of the office toilet stall today, taking deep breaths, trying to stop the bloody tears from turning into a monsoon, and telling myself over and over again that someday soon when I can finally call myself one of the best project managers in the industry, I will quit this job and go back to the simplicity and satisfaction of writing. I will never have to deal with such a deplorable person anymore and any faint recollection of the one too many profanities associated with the person will only be accompanied by a weightless sigh and a happy chuckle.

He said you left a big chunk of your heart in San Diego and he wants it back for you. Awwww… be brave, dear friend! Was Googling heart tissue regeneration and this gem of a line shows up: Mature heart cells, given the right environment, can replicate. Hee… it takes some time and understanding, an opportunity or two, and a whole lot of patience, willpower and love. Jia you!!

It’s almost midnight and I’m happily polishing the leftover bowl of delicious fish porridge that you made for me when I was sick on Monday. The fragrant sesame oil draws much love, happy thoughts and grateful feelings… carrots, ginger, spring onions, fried shallots, white snapper chunks and chicken stock, nom nom nom… may it be a glorious evening ahead for Torres, Reina, Gerrard and Kuyt!


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