captain wildchild and the silly switch

In kindred, love on August 15, 2009 by carinasuyin

Hanoi. Hong Kong. Taipei. Hanoi. Taipei. Hong Kong. Iran. Bali. Hong Kong. Jeju. Hong Kong. Kathmandu.

Wah. It’s been seven fierce months. I’ve never worked so hard in my life. I’ve never been more comfortable being off the social radar. I’ve never been more determined to rest, play or be lazy. I’ve never been happier just loving and being loved. I’ve never been more at peace with myself and who I’m growing into. I’ve never been more amazed.

There was a documentary I watched about people with memory loss which struck me that it’d be a death sentence to lose one’s memories or the ability to build new ones. Far worse than losing a limb, sight or speech, imagine being in a state of fugue or not being able to imagine the future. This profound consequence of being a lost or lesser person just by losing one’s narrative history left me completely floored.

Supra went home today, armed with soya bean ice cream in hand, a new haircut and defense against Seunggi-stealers. As I walked back in the afternoon drizzle enveloped in sentimental warmth, I told myself that I need to make more trips home to lepak with Atah and Mama, and call the two chikoras more often.

The hours seem to pass so slowly until the beloved blanket monster is home again. Reading, writing and waiting in the light of the genius lamp… Wicked, aight…


6 Responses to “captain wildchild and the silly switch”


  2. Hallo! Been to the edge of the universe and back!

  3. Well hello there 🙂 Being off the social radar is a good thing, but don’t stay off course for too long, we miss you 🙂 well, in the blogging sphere for me at least as its the only space I can “see” you. Glad to hear all is well, we need to have a proper girl meet up when I next get back, you, Yap, Ling and Wen.

  4. come back so we can go minum already. haha

  5. woohoo! there is life here again. this really made my day!

    wow, you globetrotting woman! i’ll be going to HCMC in november and HK in december! i think chances of me seeing u there is much better than in m’sia or s’pore!

    take care and enjoy.

    p/s – hanoi? *jealous*

  6. Jo: Steering back on track, miss you a whole lot too. Yes, we should have a bakeout ahahahah 🙂

    eyeris: Yeah! I haven’t seen your new home and bookshelves and LEGO collection yet!

    min an: Hallo hallo!! I’m now in HK and will be here again on the last weekend of October. Enjoy HCMC and tell me what’s it like coz I haven’t been to Saigon! I should be making a trip home after trekking the Annapurnas in November. Have lovely days, Min An 🙂

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