heya Dr Love

In kindred on January 12, 2009 by carinasuyin

Dear The Other Sheepgirl,

There are lots of Malibans and Munchies on the regular snack counter next to where you used to sit. Just as the Maliban supply is back, you’re gone. I used to be able to hear you and Holly Moses exploding in laughter from the writer’s room and giggle. Miss our morning pantry chats and your Skype messages about lunch reminders, new indie music, the oily boy saga, and great creative juice-on-the-net finds. Even Holly Moses’ is uninspired to send her hilarious YouTube gems…

We are the miss you lah. Lots.

Hope you had a lovely birthday and having an exciting time over there! Find a cosy place to call home-away-from-home, make new fab friends and discover yummy makan places hehe… ohhh and study diligently! We shall come visit you sometime soon 🙂

Till then, fare thee well!

Lotsa love,


3 Responses to “heya Dr Love”

  1. 😦 I miss you all too. Somehow preparing for symposiums and ad boards seems like such joyous memories, a matter of perspective. heh. More updates when internet is up.

    PS: Rather nerdish but, Carina is the name of the little V junction created by the 2 main bronchi and Trachea, couldn’t help but giggle, now I’ll never forget the name of the little V 🙂

  2. Hallllooo!! *bouncing up and down* Imagine if I really could apparate!

    Yeaahhhh I am an anatomical landmark tee heee 🙂

  3. Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

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