where my heart begins

In love, poetry on November 28, 2008 by carinasuyin

toffee eyes
sweet with intensity
wine red lips
with hints of bubblegum
and orchid
shower affections
that taste of tangerine
and feel like fireworks

mugs of coffee
two-thirds and full
fan whirring with the traffic below
our hearts speaking
awoken in warmth
a pause
let’s breathe

I am beloved
rhythm of a poem
the Lord is gracious
precious meaning
Your name is where my heart begins


3 Responses to “where my heart begins”

  1. i really liked your poem. the best part is the last line. just one sentence says alot.

  2. One post a month these days?

    but yr poem is so brilliant that it makes the wait all worthwhile! good stuffs, as usual! 🙂

  3. syedafarnaz: Thank you! Yeah, wrote it with the last line in mind first… the beautiful line is from the song “My Last Tango” by Nerina Pallot 🙂

    min an: I know, I know… I’m terrible!! Hoping to catch up with the backpile of drafts soon… glad you liked the poem! Merry Christmas!!

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