In recollections on October 2, 2008 by carinasuyin

A very determined little bug does kamikaze dives around my room and tries its very best to make a dent in the ceiling lamp cover. It has the cutest furry antennae and a grip so strong that getting it out of one’s hair proved to be a challenging task indeed. Egads…

“What is a free-ranging egg?”
Telur yang bebas merayau-rayau.

There’s a rattling and whirring sound coming from the hall every now and again. Nothing suspicious revealed itself upon inspection. Coming back into my room, I’m greeted by a little hamster scurrying across the floor in its transparent blue plastic ball, rattling along and bumping into corners every now and again. I’m comforted by the thought that the little creature would not be able to get itself stuck behind some cupboard or in some awkward corner, only to be discovered at some advanced stage of rigor mortis several days later. Hurray for plastic balls!

“Ong, what kind of man are you looking for?”
“A man with ambition, values family and friends, and loves tenderly and valiantly.”
“Wah…. power.”

Light is the heart that sets sight on the stars but with feet firmly on the ground.


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