In conversations on August 31, 2008 by carinasuyin

I know friends who find the first one non-applicable. I know people who consider this tanah tumpahnya darahku stuff as crap and can’t wait to get their one-way ticket out of here. I know we live in times where you can’t trust the people who are supposed to uphold the constitution. I know that the rule of law is amenable according to how much money you have and the power you wield. I know how in the name of race and religion, you can forget the simplicity and beauty of being human. I know that once upon a time, my siblings and I will create a makeshift pulley to raise the Jalur Gemilang up to the highest step of the staircase at home as we yelled Merdeka! with the crowds on tv and sang Negaraku at midnight. Pray tell, what relevance these five lines still have in these days when everyone wants to be an agent of change…

Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan
Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara
Keluhuran perlembagaan
Kedaulatan undang-undang
Kesopanan dan kesusilaan

Happy 51st, Malaysia! I know I will never cease to love you.


3 Responses to “rukunegara”

  1. beautiful.
    with all those circus show that had been layed in front of our eyes, i wonder for how long all these peaceful can remain.
    but we can pray that it remains as long as we live. =)


    Wonderful memories there +_+ Such a great place! Has provided me with lots of GREAT food, cycling and FRIENDS!

  3. As I was landing in KL this weekend and looked down and saw the palm tree plantations that stretched far into the horizon and I felt a strange kind of sadness. Your country has such a wealth of resources, something us Singaporeans can only dream of, imagine the possibilites, the what could have been! Can the circus rein themselves in? (not criticism! just thoughts, i love penang laksa)

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