electric sheep and paper junks

In wanderlust on June 15, 2008 by carinasuyin

Pretty lights accompanies a distant dreamer

The Chilean red gleams like liquid ruby in the oddly shaped glass that sits uneasily in my hand. The torrential rain shows no sign of letting up as I watch it play hopscotch on neon signboards and run off highway ramps and zinc rooftops. I wish I could smell stinky tofu in the air rather than the tension that hangs heavily above. Tonight, I wish I was a replicant in this city… dreaming of fluffy cheesecakes from Hakodate. Heh.


The harbour looks peaceful in the early morning, enshrouded in the mist. I sat by the hotel room window, pensive thoughts lost in translation as I watch the barge go by and raindrops race across the glass. Somewhere in the water, perhaps a little whale is finding its way home…


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