pathologically happy

In bits & pieces, melodies on June 8, 2008 by carinasuyin

I’m lazing in the hall with the apartment all to myself. Songs from The Frames’ The Cost album* rise and fall in full blast. There’s a freshly baked apple cake cooling on the kitchen counter. Spent the lovely morning cycling at East Coast Park with the girls and made rosemary pork patty burger with lots of mustard and garlic fromage for a very late lunch. Chammika came over with a crash course on the drive and sights from San Francisco to San Diego. Hee.. It’s an indulgent Sunday before the mad week ahead in Hong Kong…

*You’re three tracks into The Cost before you find a song, “The Rise,” that opens with anything but singer Glen Hansard’s voice as the first thing you hear. The beauty is, you’re waiting for the voice, with its hints of Cat Stevens’s tonality and its utterly distinct Irish lift. It’s Hansard that provides the Frames with such a rising vibe, the sense of a band always lifting off, pressed higher by Colm Mac An Iomaire’s violin. Mac An Iomaire’s strings slip and slide in the thickets of guitar, playing exceptional cat and mouse both when the guitars are clear and crisp and when they’re crashing furiously. The Frames wouldn’t claim to write epic tunes, but over and over the songs build toward ecstatic sonic events. Witness the hushed open to “People Get Ready” how it morphs into a violin and guitar-grit blast of wind-blown energy or the distortion-scoured hum behind Hansard’s lone voice on “True” launching a languorous, piano-driven backdrop as the singer lets loose a first-class yowl–the stuff of anguished beauty. editorial review by Andrew Bartlett.


One Response to “pathologically happy”

  1. the review-wow…living me in awe.
    i may give it a shot on this album because i simply love Glan’s songs in the Once the movie. i will. >__<

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