WWW i seek you love

In love on June 1, 2008 by carinasuyin

On a Friday morning not too long ago, I felt like I died and went to heaven. This particular heaven was Far East Flora’s refrigerated warehouse in Thompson Road. Fresh flowers of all types, colours and beauty filled the rooms, rows and rows of them… After an initial brainfreeze (hey, we were in a fridge!), we collected ourselves and the shopping begun! Irene was right, all a guy ever had to do to melt a girl’s heart is to bring her here and tell her to choose flowers to her heart’s desire. Forget the expensive bouquets with fancy wrappings, long-stemmed roses in plain plastic or brown corrugated cardboard are simple heart-stealers! Plus, they’re really cheap too! Later in the afternoon, production of the wedding favours went full swing – Huiling, Irene and I made 150 carrot (cup)cakes with Tiffany blue cream cheese icing! With red sugar hearts and flowers to fit Wendy’s wedding colour scheme, the yummy little beauties were almost too adorable to eat!

Wendy and William’s ROM was a riot of fun!

The next morning, as with all wonderful weddings, drama was aplenty. First, an early McDonald’s breakfast was woefully skipped as we were late! Okie, that’s beside the point, heh… then, with only one hour of setup time, it was a mad rush to decorate the place and pack the cupcakes into the mini white take-out boxes, complete with the Thank You sticker notes. The lush surroundings of Halia inspired the at home with junk and the precious decor which included Jo’s birdcages (complete with rust, bird shit and feathers), a sprouting little yam and mud-encrusted boots from Irene’s dad! The wooden deck floor was strewn with rose petals while jars of flowers and wedding favours lined the long dining tables. Huiling saved the day with her Tiffany ballpoint pen and the funny Justice of Peace made everyone laugh and the cupcake tower wobble with his wedding solemnization speech. The wedding setup was a hit with delighted guests and the constant stream of Botanical Garden visitors stopping by to snap photos or capture the wedding on their video cameras. Most importantly, the couple loved it! Wooo… I guess our motley crew of wedding decorators did good! Oh, did I say how much fun it all was? Hee…


5 Responses to “WWW i seek you love”

  1. Yeah, still remem the morning sms when I asked about what happen to Mac breakkie, your reply was “cannot mac it”
    I was “huh” wahahaha…I am missing the mad fun we had!
    I think you should have dedicate 1 picture to my Tiffany pen, without that there is no Mr and Mrs William today *grinz*

  2. Thanks so much gals! I can’t thank enough for all your hardwork! We really love it! and of cos without huiling’s pen, we won’t be able to make it, it’s all the last min fault. bah.

  3. hello! I happened to ‘stumble’ upon your blog. Am looking for a place to ROM too. LOVEd the wedding deco u all did. great job! i’m sure it was fun and sweet. Congrats to Ween =)

  4. ling: Hee…

    Ween: Anytime babe! Next round, we decorate for your little one’s Onesie!!

    bingz: Hallo and many, many thanks! Glad you loved it too šŸ™‚

  5. saluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

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