grayscale dreaming

In bits & pieces on May 25, 2008 by carinasuyin

When you are doing something you love, purpose and opportunities reveals itself. You find things without seeking and there is always this magical childlike wonder with each serendipitous discovery that keeps you from getting jaded.

The past one year felt like a crazy blessing and growing-up of sorts. At times, it felt like a circus act of fire-eating while crossing a tight rope on a unicycle. Most times, it was some act of bending space and time to emerge at your destination without ageing and with your sense of humour intact. A web of moments and events growing with significance as the world shrinks and your Facebook bunch of friends and acquaintances expands.

I think my heart has finally found synergy with my mind. There’s a quiet kind of happiness along with a renewed capacity to love and to give… but most of all, an amazing new calmness of being as I move forth at my own pace and on my own terms.


2 Responses to “grayscale dreaming”

  1. some ppl spend a life time trying to achieve what you have attained. u are so blessed, mate!

    am happy for you! 🙂

  2. hey. i’m feeling the same way too. now. heh.

    hope u r doing ok now 🙂

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