Ribena rides

In poetry on April 28, 2008 by carinasuyin

Walking on wheels
Arm on a lap of courage
Lost in a universe not quite your own
The door beeps and bodies stream in
You turn, you smile
Some don’t smile back
Some move away
Round and round
What do you see?
Invisible pearls rolling across the cabin floor
Her brows are knitted
Head against the pole
Forty winks catches her
Your sanctuary
A sudden jolt opens her eyes
She searches for you in a dazed moment
Drink up, hurry my good boy
Hold your bottle right
Look at your wet t-shirt
People turn
To the sound of your fingers drumming
Hand thumping
Head bobbing
What music plays in your mind?
People stare
At a teenage boy
Walking on wheels
Arm on a lap of courage
At invisible pearls on the cabin floor
Trails of a weeping heart


5 Responses to “Ribena rides”

  1. Great poetry…Is it biographical?

  2. You’re too generous, Fiona! Thanks! 🙂
    Just a scene in the MRT on my way home today… of a boy and a mother.

  3. I tot i saw a boy!!

    u know chi has started blogging back?

  4. Hallo Art, thanks for the note!! I’m super RSS-outdated ni… ishhh :p

  5. apa ni?! art told u i started blogging back?! hahahahaha…

    well, it’s sweet september or 2009 now. i started, AGAIN ;-P

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