i miss Atah

In conversations, kindred on April 2, 2008 by carinasuyin

“Atah, everyone says I’ve lost weight. I’m still 52 kg lah. Maybe I lost fat or look real tired. Arrghh… haggard, must be…”
“Lost weight? OK no worries, come back and I’ll see if you’ve really lost weight. If needed, we’ll fatten you up.”
“Okie, that sounds good.”
“Have you eaten dinner? Or are you still at work?”
“Nope, I just got back. I’ll probably make some sandwich.”
“Sandwich? Go buy some proper food.”
“Lazy lah… I’ll eat and then sleep.”
“Lazy… Make sure you eat something ah?”
“Orh. See you this Friday, Atah!”
“Yup, see you soon.”


6 Responses to “i miss Atah”

  1. i think ive lost weight too…maybe we skinny ppl are trying too hard dont you think? he he but early this year i put up sudah tembam pic in my blog ha ha

  2. Cue in tune: “Shi sang zhi you ba ba hao…” Sorry my koyak hanyu pinyin, aiyah, that song, directly translated “On earth only got mother good”, in your case, father. Carina’s dad is the best.

  3. when i was doin me masters, all me dad would say to each time i see him online (webcam) is to remind me to eat and not starve meself (during me undergraduate days, i went down to 53 kgs so he was worried i’d do the same again).

    it came to a point when i found it tedious hearing the same thing from him again and again!!!

    how i wish i could hear him say that now…

    but yeah, he is in a much better place now.

  4. art: tembam sikit bagus apa… 🙂 You’re looking good!!

    Jo: Muahahha 😀 yeah I know the song! Tee hee…

    min an: Those we love never really leave us… so make sure you eat well always and eat happily 🙂

  5. I miss my dad 😀
    after reading your post the feeling grows stronger.
    must eat proper meals ya *teehee*

  6. Orhhhh 🙂 Hallo Shyuing!!

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