mein super Bruder

In conversations, kindred on March 14, 2008 by carinasuyin

“Dingbatz! The interview wit TI was perfect. They say they would hire me but got 2nd interview in US. So glad!”
“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!”
“It was grueling. Got grilled technically by 3 diff ppl plus lab session to check hands-on skillz somemore!”
“Wahlau! So if dapat, u kerja kat mana?”
“Kat Erlangen near Nuremberg. This means I will haf known both TI Tucson teams.”
“Woo! Dekat that glorious town for that salty yummy sausages?”
“Yes bebe. U can load up on that when come visit me.”
“Yum yum yummo! When will you start? You coming back for holidays first or not?”
“Dunno yet. Still got the 2nd interview wit Tucson ppl but wonder how big is dat. But will talk wit big boss soon.”
“Cool, how do you feel about this one? Do you like it?”
“Absolutely. I mean got grilled for 5 hrs plus, I known I can do it n they too. Job’s interestin, ppl are cool. Today’s grill team is Russian, Hungarian n Dutch.”
“AhGeo, me very happy for you n si beh proud of you :)))”
“Thx suyinobadak! It was great to hear them say, “We can certainly get u up n ready for the job”! Heh Tues Bosch interview pulak.”
“Excellent! Viel Glück for your interviews k? Hee…Gute Nacht, mein lieber super Bruder!”


2 Responses to “mein super Bruder”

  1. congrats! that sounds hectic, wish you all the best for ur 2nd interview 🙂

  2. will convey your wishes to Su Gin, Kenn!

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