taipei, ni hao!

In wanderlust on March 9, 2008 by carinasuyin

It must be silly to be absolutely thrilled and giddy with contentment over a little bowl of porridge with half a salted duck’s egg and a sprinkling of pork floss at 7.30 in the morning… Oh and the joy of watching Discovery Travel and Living on the toilet LCD screen while slowly brushing one’s teeth is just, divine! I’ve also discovered that munching a HUGE piece of fried chicken fillet while walking the alleys of Shilin night market in the lovely cool air is bliss but never must I ever do that again, especially not within 40 minutes of completing a 7-course Chinese dinner!

Two and a half hours to go before I entrust my postcards to the concierge and make my way to the airport where I’ll need to do some major last-minute shopping for A LOT OF Taiwanese snacks and sweets… to sleep or not to sleep? 


3 Responses to “taipei, ni hao!”

  1. SO NICE!!!!!!!You are in Taiwan?!??!?! So cool!!WHats it like there? 🙂

  2. OMG!!! it’s seems like thousand years since i visited ur blog la dear…miss u so much. eh, taiwan kah? wah..bestkah?

  3. Elaine Tan: Was there for the weekend 🙂 Weather was nice and cool but sayang sekali too foggy!!

    art: Hallo, Art!! 🙂 Apa khabar? Gua takde peluang gi merayau banyak… cuma naik Taipei 101 dan ke pasar malam. Will definitely go back again when I have the chance, I want to take the train ride up to Kaohsiung!

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