sekalung budi untukmu

In bits & pieces on February 29, 2008 by carinasuyin

What are you doing still awake at 2 am?
What are you doing poking me on Facebook?
You poked me first!
Where are you?

Ten minutes later, Supra’s on my mobile’s speaker telling me Russell Peter and Jeff Dunham jokes while I finish compiling the list of active COPD clinical trials: Phase II, Phase IV, active, non-recruiting… My head’s still reeling from codon substitutions, resistance phenotypes, liver cirrhosis and adefovir switch therapy… give me two punanis! Haha… I love Supra.

He asked me why I had to work till so late and then remarked that it’d be four in the morning by the time I got home and had a shower. He told me to take a nap if I’m sleepy and he’ll wake me up when we are near… I waved at the cab uncle from the corridor balcony and watch with gratitude as his cab slowly made its way out of the carpark below. He had insisted on waiting till I got home safely. Bless you, o kind uncle who drove me home in record time!

It’s almost four, my hair’s half dry and I’m munching on two pieces of fried ikan parang that Mama had packed for my dinner last Sunday. Two minutes in the microwave and they are absolutely yummy… as if Mama had just dished them out of the sizzling wok. For a moment, I felt my eyes dam up a tad bit while thinking of all the stuff Mama had packed for me. I must remember to eat the mangoes tomorrow and the chilli chicken on Saturday.

My shoulders and left wrist ache from the 15 hours that just flew by. It’s ironic that I’ve turned off one laptop only to continue typing away on another. Random clicking led me to Min-An‘s site which had Manbai’s Kau Ilhamku and Innuendo’s Belaian Jiwa playing… Sweet…

Good night, sweet morning, good night!


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