In food, kindred on February 6, 2008 by carinasuyin


“Your Waigong used to chop a mountain-ful of small onions when making this. He also used belly pork with a lot of fat. Do you remember?”
“This is the Eng Chun Hokkiens’ style of preparing meat rolls.”
“Did Waigong’s recipe included crushed Marie biscuits as well?”
“Yes, I’m making them as he taught me to and now I’m teaching you.”
“Orh… nice.”
“Each time I make this, I remember him, I remember your Waipo…”
“This is my way of remembering…”


3 Responses to “rememorari”

  1. SO NICE SU YIN!!!! *droll…* I miss Malaysian chinese food πŸ˜₯

  2. Xin nian kwai le, Elaine!! Hope you are having a lovely CNY over there πŸ˜›

  3. GONG XI FA CHAI!!!! Qing Chun Mei Li!!!CNY here is so QUIET!!! 😦 no ang pao 😦 no delicious chinese new year food 😦 Especially no ang pao this year…haihz…hows cny there?

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