love seeks the good of the beloved

In kindred, love on January 19, 2008 by carinasuyin

Ah Tan and Ah Chan’s simple church wedding was a celebration steeped in tradition, meaning, love and beauty – the splendid sunny morning, the lunch tables strewn with rose petals, the chinese character for love which was embroidered on the back of the priest’s chasuble; the guests who each had their own “how I knew the bride/groom/couple” stories; Ah Tan’s beautiful gown with the gorgeous train; Ah Chan’s contented grin which never once left his face; Isaac, the very-determined little ring bearer; Patricia, the precocious flower girl often lost in a world of her own; the quiet happiness emanating from Ah Tan’s mom…

Fr. Simon’s wedding sermon had me in awe, especially when he reminded everyone that love is a decision of the will. The wedding had also coincided with the first day of Triduum in Advent, adding significance to the beginning of a lifetime’s journey in love for the celebrated couple.

Tansterrrrrrr!! My partner in crime of nearly ten years, sister high witch of sampat-ism, fellow unlicensed pig farmer and irreplaceable bosom buddy of clandestine adventures… I’m missing you loads already! Take good care, have tonnes of fun, feed Ah Chan well and don’t OD on nachos and burritos, okie? I’ll see you soon in summer with enough curry-flavoured Maggi Mee to last you till Christmas!! Till then, we heart Skype!!


2 Responses to “love seeks the good of the beloved”

  1. Hey too bad I could not be there, seems like it was a wonderful time!
    I also miss you all lots!!

    Wishing Ah Chan and Ah Tan lots of happiness together

  2. Hey Ryan! We missed you very much during the wedding dinner! Really wished you were here… btw Hema-ji’s wedding is next Wednesday!

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