round the lil blue ball

In wanderlust on January 13, 2008 by carinasuyin

Unlike birthday wishes, I’ve stopped making new year resolutions for as long as I can remember, simply because I’m not good at keeping them. I made just one new year’s resolution for 2008 – to play as hard as I work. “So how are you planning to do that?” Chammika had asked as we watched the fireworks in the distance from his kitchen window.

Well, I’ll start with lots of travel and hopefully, my very own dSLR soon! I reckon I’d be very broke by the end of the year but it’ll be a most awesome year to remember…

First quarter of 2008: Kunming, China; Taipei, Taiwan and Seoul, Korea
Second quarter of 2008: Hong Kong; Aalen, Germany; Mauritius
Third quarter of 2008: San Diego, USA
Last quarter of 2008: Auckland, New Zealand


10 Responses to “round the lil blue ball”

  1. What about United Kingdom? 😛

  2. Hallo Elaine! No promises, but I’ll see what I can do with the Germany plans 🙂 The trip to visit your sis is so gonna make me pokai!!

  3. Wow… sounds like an amazing year ahead! Never mind the money involved in making lifetime memories – how did you persuade your boss to let you travel? 🙂

  4. Hee… I didn’t have to, the Asia Pacific ones are part of the job 😛

  5. I so totally envy you!…But i had a great start this year. Just came back from Bali 2 days ago. Now, am keeping my fingers+eyes+toes crossed to get leave approved for 2 weeks to go to Buenos Aires / Iguazu Falls, Argentina + Machu Picchu, Peru in May…currently my leave approval is pending. If that doesn’t work out, may be i should target Munich in Sept or apply to go for a conference in NY in June. I can only do one venue…no enuff $$ to have yr kind of schedule. Work?..very domestic based-lah. Going to KK & KCH next week.

  6. Hallo Zoe! Machu Picchuuuuuuuuuuu!! Wooooo best! Yeah, the frequent travel is awesome but sayang I don’t get to do much sightseeing while working, except maybe to steal a couple of street shots or of airport/hotel scenery! Still, I’m grateful for the chance to visit the places I’ve never been before 🙂

    Hee… Are you planning to celebrate your birthday in Munich? How about Barcelona?

    Remember to eat Sarawak laksa in Kuching… sedap gila… I wanna go Muar or Melaka soon, rindu otak-otak dan ikan bakar Pernu-Umbai!

  7. Hey I suggest a little change: Put Mauritius in the first quater if possible, coz then we’ll get a chance to meet there! Hehehe.

    Ya things are moving for me too. It’s the first time that I have a whole year planned so much in advance!!

    Busy year ahead.

    From March till end of July I’ll be in Madagascar helping to collect data on mouse Lemurs!! Wuhu.

    So, first half of August is also another option to have a Makan Marathon Mauritius!! After that I’m going off again. Maybe a short holiday in Croatia before going to UK!

  8. First quarter is not possible for the Mauritius Makan Marathon… third quarter possible, will let you know yeah? Madagascar, wooo!! Me want postcard, please!!!

  9. wow…sound like u have a GREEEAAATTT year ahead!! I wish my 2008 calendar looks like yours….but unfortunately NOT…:(

  10. Haloooo Eleanor!

    First quarter update: Kunming done. Taipei next Friday and Seoul on Good Friday. My Mauritius trip is so not gonna jadi…

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