In melodies on December 18, 2007 by carinasuyin

It’s a little past eleven at night and my brains feels like muesli mush after another long day that had to end with a painful teleconference call. I stared listlessly at both my LCD monitor and my laptop, scanned my to-do list for tomorrow and then somehow ended up logging in into WordPress. Before long, I find myself listening to Seabreeze version 1 from Adrian and Ivan’s upcoming album, SeaStars 2007, and all is right with the world again.

In that odd three minutes, I find myself gazing out of Atah’s car window at lush green paddy fields on the way to Pangkor; lying afloat on my back in the salty sea, awashed in the lovely in-between hues of sunset; gazing at a diorama of auburn leaves spiralling in beautiful descent; twidlling my toes in warm vanilla and toffee-coloured sand; watching Supra turn round and round excitedly just as the little lost fish swam lovingly around her; traipsing far out on the beach at low tide, one empty coconut and a pair of slippers on one hand and the crumpled hems of my dress in the other, watching krathongs bob among the waves and paper lanterns reaching out to the stars, painting the heavens with wishes and dreams…

All too briefly, the music ends and I’m left with the gentle hum of the office air conditioning. But yeah, all that is good is restored and I’m ready to head home.

Terima kasih, Adrian!


9 Responses to “sanctuary”

  1. Wow, I had no idea what to expect when Adrian sent me this link! This is like… the greatest compliment that we can get. OK, this was Adrian’s original composition so I can’t claim credit 🙂 Incidentally, there’s a version 1.3. posted (the link is available at the post for version 1).

  2. Eh Sister, can I make some sort of reference to this post on the album page.. its poetic lah… Eh how come you work until 11 pm? Wassup? Running gel ah? Don’t waste time doing experiments lah. Just plant more trees and the world will be a better place.. ha ha ha ha

  3. Ivan Chew: Yeah, I’ve heard version 1.3, absolutely loved the erhu part. Great stuff, can’t wait to buy a copy of the album! 😀

    lekowala: Sure thing! I had a teleconference with overseas client lah… pia one last stretch before coming home for the holidays. MERRY CHRISTMAS, Adrian!! 🙂

  4. […] in a post titled Sanctuary, she waxes lyrical, reminiscing about being back in Malaysia while listening to Seabreeze […]

  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Be blessed with great joy and pleasant surprises!

  6. Really? You’ll buy a copy? (Ivan looks at Adrian incredulously — psst, Adrian, I think she gets a free copy for giving us a plug!)

  7. Happy New Year!…i finally did the nutella cupcakes a few weeks ago with minor changes from your recipe…well, i didn’t buy the pre-mix from taman megah as per yr suggestions lah..but it turned out great. Nutella was yummy!!

  8. […] Suyin’s comments Suyin comments were nice. She had earlier blogged about Seabreeze version 1 on this post titled Sanctuary. […]

  9. Halooo Zoe!!! A very happy new year to you too! Wooot! Yeah, Nutella is awesome 🙂 I’ll send you the oreo cheesecake recipe, okie?

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