into hyperspace and back again

In recollections on November 10, 2007 by carinasuyin

Tempo rubato. That’s Italian for stolen time. In the plane back from Jeju, Korea, among many Korean and Japanese movies that had me either embarassingly guffawing with laughter or crying my heart out, I learnt that magical musical term. I was watching a masterclass feature in which a piano maestro teaches a musical prodigy how to play and appreciate one of Beethoven’s famous pieces. I can’t seem to remember the names for the maestro, the prodigy and that Beethoven piece but I can vividly recall how the maestro explained tempo rubato.

It is one of those weird poignant moments that you somehow know that something you’ve just watched, read or heard or someone you’ve just met has permanently and lovingly etched itself into your memory and your heart. Thus, you can’t help but glow with this indescribable warmth of knowing that that moment will stay with you for life.

I’ve been on warp drive for the past few months; life’s been a blast, really! Everyday’s been one full day after another, and by full, I meant that every day felt like I’ve accomplished something new and meaningful. Work’s been awesome and challenging while my calendar’s overflowing with family, friends, travel plans, weddings, farewells, celebrations and all things wonderful.

It’s just amazingly scary. Bewitched is how it feels like, along with much joy and incomparable gratefulness.

Yet, another birthday that passes reminds me that I’d need to somewhat slow down and catch my breath, sometime soon. Stolen time needs some ways to be returned, to preserve the magic you created when you changed the rules. There’s only so much you can stretch before the arrangement falls into disarray and the spell gets broken. I guess it’s not worth travelling faster than light if it means I’m missing the little things in the glare along the way.

Oh but for now and just a little while longer, I’m basking in the enchantment of it all!


3 Responses to “into hyperspace and back again”

  1. Ah… signs of life in a barren land!

    Dun deprive us humble readers of yr brilliant writings any longer. 😉

    Glad to hear life is a blast! Take care.

  2. have you been smoking marijuana again, karenah ong? =D

  3. i sungguh jealous…life is pretty much normal for me 😉
    xoxox zoe

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