losing my balance

In stories on August 20, 2007 by carinasuyin

I think I have a crush on Mr. Son Goku.

He really reminds me of the anime character, what with his hairstyle, comic personality, youthfulness and that big bright smile! He also has the most beautiful nose and a tan that is utterly scrumptious. He almost looks like a manga persona brought to life. Sorry, I’m repeating myself. Sigh… The way he throws my focus off-kilter with his casual remarks and funny antics and yet somehow exude this aura of grounded-ness and humility that I can’t help feeling really safe and comfortable around him – that’s just unfair because he’s making me feel amazingly pathetic. Wait, no… what’s more pathetic? My heart rate on the treadmill’s monitor actually jumps by ten beats per minute when he comes and talk to me. Oh, Mr. Son Goku goes bowling with his dad too! Will somebody please slap me so that this silly grin doesn’t get permanently etched onto my face? I don’t want to turn into a muppet.

Alas, this sweet feeling will probably not last long, as with my luck (or the lack of) with men, Mr. Son Goku will soon be revealed to be happily attached with a girlfriend, happily married or happily gay. Okie, I believe there is a good chance that he is straight as he wears his earring on his left ear. Is that assumption outdated? If he turns out to be not available, I’d probably wish he was gay to begin with. What are the odds for him to be happily interested in me? Oh dear… try balancing on a rubber hemisphere and realise that it is more than your balance that you’re losing…


9 Responses to “losing my balance”

  1. Confirmed.

    Mr. Son Goku’s a pedophile.

  2. right ear gay…

  3. but maybe outdated as you said..

  4. Happy Merdeka Day!

  5. Lol… funny comments but I’d like to say, “Good luck!”

  6. the next time u c him, say out loud…


    and sent the crush sign he he

    u dare?

  7. I like how u do not expect anything overly positive from this. I find it to be a wonderful safety net. Then again, dreams do come true, I personally enjoyed some of that pie. Wish u all the best!

  8. hope you still haven’t lost your hope on writing.
    i’ll always support you! ^___^
    keep up!

  9. kit: I’ll catch you when you fall, for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

    lekowala: He’s confirmed single, available and heterosexual!!

    anonymous coward: Dey, be brave! Happy belated Merdeka to you too!

    sooth: Thank you!

    art: Me shy lah… ๐Ÿ˜›

    Kenn: Thanks! When willl I be able to get my autographed copy of your awesome EP?

    thegulagula: Hallo! Thanks! I’ve been writing A LOT and getting paid for it actually. No worries, carinasuyin at wordpress will be back soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

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