feline funk

In bits & pieces on August 13, 2007 by carinasuyin

feline funk

I think Ah Tan’s right, or rather, Reader’s Digest is. The cats in our area are depressed. She mentioned reading something about depressed cats and inactivity in the latest copy of the magazine. Come to think of it, out of ten cats, I’ve only ever seen one acting like a predator; chasing pigeons, fighting imaginary squirrels or sticking its head into some hole after a rat or two. Most of them nap all the time or remain in this supremely zoned-out mode, only being alert at meal times when one of the cat ladies come to feed them. Poor things, the depressed not-so-little gebu balls!


2 Responses to “feline funk”

  1. haha you guys are finally talking about those cats…was wondering when you would blog about them…haha
    but it really amaze me on how FAT and nicely COMBED thier furs ar…

  2. One of my friends who’s also really into cats.

    I’m not a cat person myself. I think they’re only good for target practice. 😉

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