sole stories

In bits & pieces on August 12, 2007 by carinasuyin

sole stories
What do my shoes say about who I am?


7 Responses to “sole stories”

  1. you like ballerina shoes…hehe
    eh you damn banyak shoes man heheheheh

  2. Wah.. nice and clean shoes you have eh. BTW, how come you have no hiking boots and/or running shoes? 🙂

  3. my heightened ability to judge a person by her shoe tells me that a certain feline species has cast a spell on you, attracting you to its line of shoes when you’re at the shoe store…

  4. Princess E: Hee, yeah… small feet go well with ballerina shoes 🙂 Your sis has more shoes than me! I’ve only got a dozen, and they’re a functional mix.

    EH: Hallo! Hee… I think they look cleaner when photographed ahaha… and maybe because I don’t wear the heeled ones so often unless I have to. Oh dear, I haven’t hiked for a long time and I don’t run (I brisk walk! Haha). Err… I have a pair of gym shoes though, does that count?

    jaya: That feline species accounts for only 25% of my shoes! But they’re the ones most beloved! I wear them all the time, even to work hehe 😀

  5. Teehee I think I fall for the ballerina shoes in row 3 😛 So cute!

  6. Hehehe, funny me too have been having shoe issues recently!

    My colleagues’ shoes only last one month at most!

    And when I told my brother I was looking for a good place to buy really good shoes, he asked if I was looking for working shoes. Yes I was, but my kind of working shoes does not equate to the shiny black, flat and hard sole one that he proudly showed me as his most recent aquisition!!! Hahaha.

  7. Coffeholic: Yeah, that pair is really cute. But it’s not too comfortable after long hours!

    ticopi: At the rate you guys traverse the island, I’m surprised the shoes even last a month!! Hee… happy shoe hunting! We miss you lots!!

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