red ballerinas

In bits & pieces on August 10, 2007 by carinasuyin

PUMA ginza dori chilli pepper-ribbon red-white


7 Responses to “red ballerinas”

  1. nice shoe!!!!
    i noticed that you guys like puma loads….

  2. Aren’t they just supremely happy-fying?
    I absolutely adore PUMA shoes! Managed to get your sis to get a pair not too long ago hehe 🙂

  3. I have these and I love them! One question, however: how do you clean yours?

  4. Hi Gaby! I give them a wet wipe if they’re dirty or dusty. Haven’t had them for too long, so I have yet to wash them. I usually send my PUMAs to a shoe wash once a year (Le’Shine in Singapore).

  5. a shoe wash! now that’s something i need, coz i absolutely hate washing shoes! i wonder if they have anything like that in kl?

  6. I don’t know of any, sue! Maybe you can start a franchise? Hee…

  7. por fasss diganme donde y como puedo conseguir estas balerinas estan buenazas …….y el presio por fassss

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