pause and play

In food on August 6, 2007 by carinasuyin

Hui Ling came over to bake some chocolate cupcakes after lunch today. She was pleased as Punch that baking was much easier and more enjoyable than she had anticipated. The cupcakes came out with a nice fluffy texture but looked like cute little cups of Chipsmore ice-cream. They were however, in dire need of more chocolate as I had ran out of cocoa powder and we didn’t overdose on the chocolate chunks. Time to go shopping at the baking supplies shop which sells all sorts of Valrhona products!

We are giving half the cupcakes a spread of Nutella topping and peanut butter for the rest, finishing with a sprinkling of white chocolate drops. I can’t wait to see them all decked out on the office pantry counter top… Somehow, I am imagining chocolate toadstools…

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be long full days this week but I am really looking forward to the short break coming up beginning from the Singapore National Day holiday. I need to catch my breath!


2 Responses to “pause and play”

  1. waaahhh…laparnyerrrrrr….

  2. Heee… 🙂 Hi Art, apa khabar?

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