strawberry tart & cola

In bits & pieces on July 29, 2007 by carinasuyin

He had a huge Takashimaya plastic bag on the chair in front of him. I couldn’t make out what he bought but that’s certainly a lot of shopping stuff. He wore comfy loafers, a nice crisp shirt with long pants and an old sports cap. From where I sat, I could only see his back and his side profile. From the wrinkles on his arm and his head of silver, I reckon he’s about 70 years-old. Maybe he went shopping for toys for his grandchildren. Maybe he bought some new kitchen appliance for his wife. I wondered if he had bought something for himself. The waiter brought his order – a strawberry tart and a glass of cola. I glanced at my watch. It’s eight at night, too late for tea and too early for supper. Is that all he is having for his dinner? Perhaps his wife is at his children’s and this is the only time he can enjoy some sweets and the forbidden glass of soft drink that he would otherwise not be allowed to have at home. He held the strawberry tart gingerly in his hands and peeled back the paper cup. Little by little, he ate the edges of the tart pastry, leaving the strawberry halves and the custard filling for the end. He paused and slowly took a sip of cola. He took his time to finish the tart as I watched him from my corner with fascination.

I wanted to ask, Uncle, can I sit and have dinner with you?


4 Responses to “strawberry tart & cola”

  1. You should have asked him!!! I’m positive u’ll get some pretty interesting stories from him!

    But then again, as much as i would like to, i never have the guts to do such a thing when i see someone like that.

    Well, as they say, no guts, no story… erm, glory! ;-P

  2. Hallo Min-An! Yeah, I always fail to ask for fear of being labeled a pest or a penyibuk! Then I think about the person all the way home and dream up stories about their lives. I wonder a lot about the people I meet daily on the MRT… especially the journey home. There’s something about weary faces in the evenings that conjure up curious possibilities 🙂

  3. uncle eats tart and drinks cola, boh eng nia 😛

  4. Hee… perhaps so!

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