chop suey

In bits & pieces on July 15, 2007 by carinasuyin

“Something for you so you can make your body presentable to your husband!”
I wish I could show you Ah Tan’s reaction to that. If it was an episode from CSI, the camera shot will travel down her right arm towards her open palm. You will see an electron microscopy close-up of all her bulu roma in their meremang-ed glory before the shot finally lingers at the wrapped up tub of body scrub given by Dandan for Ah Tan’s birthday. Oh no, let’s change that final shot: I’d turn the camera angle upwards and end the shot with Dandan’s huge purposeful grin. Absolutely pukka!!

Supra was here for two weeks recently and Sugeo will be back for two months soon. It vexes me at times to be reminded of how fast the two chikoras are growing up and I have so little time to spend with them together. Thus I am really looking forward to the end of August: wrecking havoc with Sugeo and Supra, cracking up with the PPPS fan club at the Ong clan gathering and the unlimited supply of delicious Muar otak-otak and thick black coffee!

For the past one month or so, there were days when I thought I might have cervical cancer, glaucoma or an overactive bladder. Hypochondria is a possible occupational hazard of my work. Hee… Lish and Pohf assured me that this paranoia will go away once I’ve gotten used to the deluge of medical information. I certainly hope so because I’m working on new therapeutic areas on a daily basis!

Time warps when one is doing meaningful things. The advent of August will signal an avalanche of celebrations till the year’s end. Sugeo’s 25th birthday, October babies’ birthdays, Ah Tan’s bridal shower, three weddings and a work trip to Gold Coast, Australia in between!! October and November are so going to be crazy, and yet, despite the madness, something tells me everything’s going to be poifect!

Live long and prosper, bring on the warp drive!


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