and the boys grew up

In love, stories on July 9, 2007 by carinasuyin

As toAdie and Rose exchanged their marriage vows, I was widening my eyes in an attempt to not shed tears. Such depth of meaning in just a string of simple words. Marriage vows never fail to get to me… Heartiest congratulations to the new couple – Mr and Mrs Ang Peng Hoe!!

The last time we emceed together was Teacher’s Day in school back in 1998. Rashid was his usual confident self while I was pretty nervous from feeling super rusty. Pohf happily reassured Mrs Yong that she had never knew a moment when I had ran out of things to say. Great. Rashid’s golden wisecracks did not fail us that night. Reunited at Rose and toAdie’s wedding with wireless microphones, lame Live Earth comments and with less than an hour to sync our emceeing mojos before the dinner begun, we apparently did a great job! Woohoo… what a relief!

I’m a twit for true love. You could see it acknowledged in the eyes of Rose and toAdie’s family and relatives, their best friends and their wedding guests. Most beautifully, you can see its radiance on the celebrated couple’s faces. You don’t always notice it so significantly at weddings but when you do, your heart cannot help but feel like it contains the warmth of a thousand rising suns. A glowing joy that remains long after the bottles are emptied, the party lights dimmed out and tired friends sent home. It is indeed a blessing to be witness to such lovely people and moments…

Photo credit: Rashid’s Flickr!


One Response to “and the boys grew up”

  1. okay. you look like you are giving someone a blowjob.

    and rashit looks like a Lorong Haji Taib trannie who’s just got his first cat call from a perverted old man.

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