babies and his diet

In conversations on June 2, 2007 by carinasuyin

A debrief from Ah Tan after one of her compulsory natural family planning classes…

“If your husband eats a lot of vegetables and fish, his sperms are more likely to produce girls than boys. And if he is a meat lover, your chances of getting boys are higher.”
“Uh huh…”
“Yeah, so if he is vegetarian, you’ll probably just get girls all the way.”
“What happens if he is an omnivore?”
“We are all omnivores what!”
“I meant if he eats a balanced diet of vegetables, fish and meat and what not. Then what happens?”
“I dunno…”
“You get transgendered babies?”


5 Responses to “babies and his diet”

  1. so girls are supposed to learn this so that they can discreetly prepare the ‘right food’ for their hubbies everyday, to get the right gender of baby! hahaha…

  2. Hi sue! Apparently you got to keep to that diet for about half a year in advance hahaha…

  3. Ha interesting concept! Poor ah Chan. Being fattened up for the slaughter. 😛

  4. Hee… You should ask him in a year or two’s time if it works! 😛

  5. Apa ni.. lama tak update blog. 🙂

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