bazaar of the senses

In bits & pieces on May 18, 2007 by carinasuyin

Behind the grills, riotous colours scream cheerful greetings of morning freshness. A supermarket staff arranges the tender flowers into their cone stands while another diligently rebuilds the heights of Mount Fuji and Mount Sunkist. A few doors away, the pâtissier’s assistant gently whisks the chocolate ganache while trays and trays of choux pastry puffs await their creamy custard filling. In the bakery, a staff wipes the display shelves clean as heavenly smells of freshly baked bread and buns waft from the kitchen. The corridor is awash with arresting smells and sounds. The frenzied whirring of blenders and mixers, the clatter of kitchen utensils, and the tinkling timers compete with clicks, clacks and thumps of different shoes on the tiled floors and the distant hum of a vacuum cleaner. Not much conversation to be heard as hands and eyes are busy focused on a multitude of tasks. Further along, the familiar smell of raw soya beans being blended in the processor fills the air and I am reminded fondly of Mama. Going up the escalator at the end, my eyes trail the rows of baguettes being sliced into halves. I take a deep happy breath as the fragrance of coffee brewing from the café below swirls my thoughts into a reverie.

This is my favourite minute of the mornings…


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