chronic chat

In conversations on May 7, 2007 by carinasuyin

An exchange of SMSes with a radiologist babe…

“Waa my chest xray report say i have unremarkable heart, pulmonary hila and mediastinum. So sad, i always tot i special.”
“If remarkable then u shud worry. Probably have to do CT scan.”
“Just kiddin, the report is funny. Also mentioned got bilateral rounded soft tissue densities possibly nipple shadows haha”
“Hah nipple shadow usually c in old ppl wan wor. Mayb izzit breast shadow? I wish i got breast shadow but my breast not big enuf to have shadow”
“Yikes, my breasts are saggy? Kenot be man, too small to sag. No way big enough for shadows!”


2 Responses to “chronic chat”

  1. kinda funny + weird…

  2. Yeah weird it was, not to mention lame haha…
    Thanks for visiting, daia!

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