tie a knot or two

In kindred on May 4, 2007 by carinasuyin

The count thus far is three, still a long way from matching last year’s tally. First up in July, there will be emcee duties with Rashid for Rose and toAdie’s wedding banquet followed by another special bridal shower to organize. November will see a whirlwind wedding weekend with two weddings back-to-back: Siew Fong and Kok Foong’s followed by Yvonne and Siew Leong’s.

Ah Tan and Ah Chan are getting married!! *sommersaults and cartwheels* It was only slightly more than two years ago that their kisah cinta mula berputik with that extended holiday in magical Bangkok. Feels like merely yesterday when Ah Tan asked me if I knew a certain Ah Chan from USM in her new lab or when she waltzed into the flat on cloud nine one moonlit night to tell me that Ah Chan had just confessed his feelings for her.

As crazily delighted as we are, it is a mixed bag of emotions as this also means that the pair will leave Singapore for good soon; plus the fact that Ryan’s not around to attend the wedding together with us. As Hema lamented recently, the time is ripe for everyone in the gang to go chase their dreams. Oh wow, what a year this is turning out to be. So much to celebrate and yet so many farewells. I am saving the tears for the year’s end but for now, there are just so much to do and so many things to be happy about!! Tanster is getting married!! I still can’t believe I managed to keep the announcement secret for a week plus without keeling over from the excitement!!

Atah jokingly warned that I will be hitting my quota with their wedding, so no more bridesmaid duties in the future unless I want to do the honour a total of seven times to break the curse of never becoming a bride. Yikes, seven is a lot… I think I’ll stick with two!


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