my rights to a dream

In bits & pieces on March 17, 2007 by carinasuyin

A year is a long time, when measured in heartbeats. Yet in that corner of an entire heart that he took away with him, she harbours a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, fate will show them a way to be together.

Do you know how liberating it is to no longer fall asleep on a whim? Do you know how it feels to treasure every waking moment because I no longer escape from moments awake? Do you know this quietness in my heart that is overwhelmed with the gratitude of being loved by you?

Digested dead butterflies were no better alive in my stomach. It feels as though I’m embarking on an adventure tomorrow and yet I feel ridiculously nervous, because I have known for so long, the feeling of wanting something so bad… it feels almost criminal.

I saw the photographs you took and I loved them. Perhaps time has desensitized the memories for I’m truly happy for you. I hope you have found what you have been searching for, that you are whole. Don’t ever say she is too good for you… you have to fight for what and who you love, and you must know why.

Four jugs of margaritas among us five, nachos, chimichangas and quesadillas too. Tomorrow, we have a farewell for a beloved friend. In my heart, I refuse to bid adieu for we will see each other again, for sure. Tonight, I want to remember this moment, this feeling, that henceforth, my life can only get better.


One Response to “my rights to a dream”

  1. What? Can only get better? It’ll be fabulous! Your life is just about to begin. A new adventure awaits. A new chapter brimming with life. 🙂

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