love in an instant

In conversations on March 15, 2007 by carinasuyin

Just like Supra’s Form One mug with the incredibly happy-fying smile in my purse, sometimes all it takes is to just add water and stir up inexplicable emotions that just start or end the day on a high…

`Next time, go to the market more often and you will know which day the store operators don’t have to wake up early! And you too!’

`Augghhh.. Exam results 3.40 this afternoon.. Augghh *chewbacca roar*’

`Haloo tetikus, was at sign language class.. anyway momomeow scores an A! Hahaha… only 21 ppl got As.. Weee’

`Idiot siu mai… i’ll never 4get 1/1/07. my best fren spiked my peel fresh :-O’

`Ah meowww! How’s your Kembung McSambal? Hahahaha’

`Hi tick hugger and tick! Wah sudah ade fast internet?’

`Meow meow badak ong r u still in Petaling Jaya? Tell the other badak metallic eyeball logitech webcam is ready for broadcasting!’

`Lawak so chinaman punya pantun! Xin nian kuai le dingoes!! Boat cukup steam ka?’

`Ya ya.. just checking. still don’t know how to do it. *pengsan*’

`Great. Meet you downstairs at 7pm Ok? By the way we love the dress you wore the other day when you came by wid the brains :-)’

`You 2 very happy playing matchmaker hah? Go eat your chicken rice, cendol etc n meet some nice looking hunks la…’

`Good, good! U came down at the rite time, i was in dire need for sampatness! Thankx a bundle, siu mai! U’ll never know how much it helped.. muacks!!’

`Augh tetikus, kepala sudah mau letup.. So many donkey kecik mayu things to rmbr..’

`Uwekk, xin ku chips.. nvm lah, i habis baca then go n tido..’

`Good luck and God bless You.’

`woohoo! i knew its only a matter of time b4 some1 recognizes a talent like u! gd luck!’

`Goooddd lluucckkk for your interview! 🙂 meowwww’

`Well done. God bless you and may your wish be granted.’

`hahahahahaha! lets cross our fingers and wish for the best!! Jiayou jiayou :)’


2 Responses to “love in an instant”

  1. you made sense by not making any sense…do i make sense? 🙂


  2. Perfectly 🙂
    Hallo Linus!!

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