optical irony

In conversations on March 1, 2007 by carinasuyin

“Your eyes are not focusing well because they are learning to relax again.”
“Huh? My eyes are… what?”
“Yes. You were wearing lenses with the wrong prescription for awhile. Now that you’re wearing the right ones, it’ll take some time for them to adjust, to relax.”
“Because previously the prescription was too high?”
“Yes, your eyes were working overtime to compensate. Overcompensate in fact. That’s why Mike brought the power down a lot to the right ones. Actually, the best way is to reduce them gradually.”
“Wahhh… my eyes are stressed because they’re trying to relax.”
“Well, the good news is that they’re looking healthier than before. We’ll lower the power for the left eye a little bit more and then see how it goes.”
“But I will still be able to see clearly?”
“And my eyes are err, relaxing in the meantime?”
“That’s possible? I mean, that’s normal?”
“Yes, perfectly normal. They’re doing that right now.”
“Okie. Good. Hee… Thanks, Mr. Yap!”


5 Responses to “optical irony”

  1. reminds me of me. two different basic tests indicated first step astig and marginal shortsightedness in one eye. when i went for a proper test and diagnosis, i am 20/20 again… go figure…

    p/s – thanks for the suggestion. i have considered wordpress – lazy lah.

  2. Hee… always good to have a second (qualified) opinion 🙂
    Eh, is so simple lah… literally in one click can import all the stuff from your newly migrated Blogger- utterly painless! *shamelessly plugging WP*

  3. How did it get over prescribed?

    Anyway, don’t really like the new blogger. Maybe time to move to greener pastures… 😉

  4. Entah lah… previous optometrist made a mistake I guess, teruk kan?

  5. Or maybe you just need to make sure your eyes are perfectly rested before you visit the optometrist. I heard the readings can be skewed otherwise.

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