absolutely wicked

In bits & pieces on January 10, 2007 by carinasuyin

The Bitter Stickgirl chronicles the misadventures of a girl searching for love, poignantly told in a series of simple illustrations, with a delicious streak of wicked humour and the essential dash of irony! Two of my favourites:

lousy cupid

i love claypot frog porridge


7 Responses to “absolutely wicked”

  1. Cute! 🙂

  2. That is hilarious 😉 I so identify with the lousy cupid *LOL*

  3. That’s the story of my life…call that lousy cupid back…i still have faith in him. I will try to keep still and I’m sure I will be hit by his arrow!

  4. Sooth, Chun & zoe: Hilariously cute and spot-on, right? I laughed so much going through her archives despite also identifying with many situations she depicted. That’s a good thing, I think. Hee…

    P/s: Zoe, you might want to hope for a better cupid instead… 😉

  5. poor frog

  6. tim: Muahahaa… a girl’s mind is not limited to only fairytale fantasies 😛

  7. you like bitter stickgirl because of ONE reason:

    you haven’t read

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