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In bits & pieces on January 6, 2007 by carinasuyin

This is beginning to feel like New Year’s Eve at Pohf’s all over again! Okie, here are five things you don’t know about me, as tagged by Meng Teck

  1. I am the High Queen of klutziness. I regularly knock my toes, legs and arms against table corners, walls, doors and other awkward places, resulting in nice bruises, swellings and numerous little gashes.
  2. Foo Yuen called me a fax machine during Sixth Form because I’d tell him inane “Do you know that … ?” general knowledge trivia and random facts without him asking, whether or not he wanted to know about them. I have long since been decommissioned.
  3. When I was about two-plus or three years old, I made my own cocktail out of cough syrup, concentrated fruit squash, soya sauce, milo, coffee and etc. in the kitchen while my mom was asleep. She awoke to find the assortment of opened liquid bottles and the plastic container of concoction half empty. She rushed me to the hospital where her doctors and fellow nurses gave her a dressing down and I was released after several hours of observation in the ward. Mama thanked God that I did not touch the liquid detergent, oil or bleach. Close friends attribute that incident as the root of all my quirkiness.
  4. My grandmother shaved my head when I was a baby because I was quite bald. She then rubbed brandy all over it to encourage more and thicker hair growth. I think my grandmother might have been a little tipsy on brandy when she did that because it certainly did not work.
  5. The one place that I’d love to be right now is back in the rehearsal room or on stage.

3 Responses to “meme du jour”

  1. I see that the fax machine was not fully decommissioned… 😛

  2. Blame the paperwork, man… 😛

  3. i wanna no 5 too! 🙂

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