daddy dearest

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When we were kids, Sugeo and I badly wanted the Thundertank but Atah thought it was too expensive a toy. We already had many Thundercat figurines and the Sword of Omens. A few days later, he made us a corrugated cardboard one from empty Dutch Lady milk carton boxes. We painted it grey and Panthro and Snarf could sit snugly in it without falling off as we push it across the floor whenever they raced to Lion-O’s aid. Our Thundertank lasted many battles before it finally fell apart. By then, we were already hooked on building LEGO empires instead.

My first car accident saw my Kancil being squashed between two Iswaras. Atah calmly asked if the engine could still start and if so, to drive it to the nearest police station and wait for him there. He also reminded me to take down the other driver’s car plate number and note the exact location of where I was. My second accident involved the car windscreen being hit by a stray stone that fell from the hill beside the road I was driving on. He asked me to drive slowly to a more populated area and wait for him there. When he came, we whacked off the entire cracked windscreen that looked like a spider’s web gone wrong. Later, I drove home behind Atah’s car hoping the evening drizzle will not turn into a thunderstorm before we reached the house, eyes blinking in the wind and thinking how lucky I was to have a car and not a motorcycle.

Atah believed that social drinking is inevitable. He’d rather we drink at home and train up our alcohol tolerance than be out drinking among strangers without knowing our drinking limits. Beginning from our early teens, he taught us how to drink and about the different types of liquor without drinking in excess. Friends were encouraged to come over to the house for drinks and Atah would gladly bring back cartons of beer for house parties or gatherings. Till this day, whenever we update him on our drinking stories or the latest lethal drinking episode that had us puking our guts out, he’d just smile and then remind us to take care of the liver, much to Mama’s chagrin.

He must at least be able to change a lightbulb, fix a clogged sink, change a flat tyre, handwash clothes, hold his liquor and cook a decent meal. Atah believes that any guy, no matter how smart and capable, who can’t do such simple things are not worth considering because his two daughters can certainly do all that and more.

Whenever we are on holiday, Atah is never stingy with his wallet. We might be staying in a budget hotel but we would have sumptuous meals, soft drinks, ice-cream, junk food and tidbits to our heart’s content and as much money we needed to play video games at the arcade, buy little souvenirs, for holiday activities like movies, bowling, boat rides, kayaking and ping-pong games or to have drinks at the bar beside the pool at night.

Each time either one of us are back, Atah would excuse Supra for sleeping late or going merayau the whole day with Sugeo or me. If the trio were together, he’d excuse us for not sleeping for days on end and turning the house upside-down even, hee… Mama would be nagging that Supra has exams or that she needs to catch up on her studies but each time, Atah would just say “It’s alright, let them spend time together; they’ve got lots to catch up and yak about.”

During Mama’s confinement periods after giving birth to Sugeo and Supra, Atah was the chef whipping up delicious nutritious meals for Mama everyday without fail. Throughout the last few years that Mama battled pre- and post-menopausal conditions, Atah stood strong beside her and never once did his care and attention for her wavered. His love for Mama is not expressed with flower bouquets, public declarations, elaborate poems or expensive gifts but in the lunchboxes he makes for her every morning before she goes to work, every meal he cooked or laundry he did whenever she was tired, every marketing and shopping trip he goes for or with her, and every evening when they spend the time lying on the carpet or the sofa, watching their favourite tv programs together till Mama falls asleep…

Happy 55th Birthday, Atah!
We love you lots and lots, terror-menerror-ly always!


4 Responses to “daddy dearest”

  1. 2nd january? atah shares my birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, rijac! šŸ˜€

  3. Dear Carina

    I jus happen to pass by ur blog n read all ur blogs my eyes teared whn i read this blog u hv such a loving family n ur very lucky my family is very simmilar to urs to whn u go back to visit ur parents jus give thm an extra hug on my behalf :))

  4. Will do! šŸ™‚
    Thanks for reading!

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