just add water

In conversations on December 30, 2006 by carinasuyin

More ACME smiles and inbox giggles from 2006…

`Hello siu mai, r u burnt 2 a crisp yet fr pangkor?? Dis pau is still nice and white here… hee hee…’

`Foo yoh major blunder budak ni. Like cat that lost its whiskers…’

`Eh babi su… My jeans also quite tight. Damn. My parents will surely notice the diff. Sigh.’

`:) Thank you… you really ARE an angel.’

`ya allah Karenah! the girl i fancy read my blog la! my blog’s on my friendster. she added me before i had time to remove my breasts post. now i’m a pervert.’

`keong hee, keong hee! keong hee lu lau chi ni liao! hee bang lu tah tah jit hua hee, ku kah swee, kah khin chua ang! kiah! kiah!’

`Hahaha! Okay, bee boo bee boo me later’

`Haloo momo meowww… sudah sampai rumah?’

`kam siah! lu kong wa lau?!! lu tan ma chai!’

`Decoding: add the last 3 digits and you get the month. Last 2 digits denote the day. Can’t find 1012 or 0712.’

`Choi! Dun get funny ideas! Seriously, i was never dis busy when nobody was asking me out!’

`WOI! since when u start cursing in chinese one. then buy a new washing machine la.’

`Hahahaha, itu dingobutt sure tido the whole day one.. *polar bear shaking butt* hahaha’

`Can you believe I can send this? Miracle.’

`Karenah, I was reading papers on congestion and thought of the time we were stuck in that expensive cab ride. the moment view on the bridge was awesome!’

`Haha… Korean beaver! You’re most welcome. I hope it’ll bring you joy when you’re feeling down and a smile when you’re feeling blue. Have a safe trip home.’

`Karenah aku sudah sampai! thanks alot for puttin up with me yo! me goin for drink with angie- tired gila cos someone kept me up with horror love stories!’

`Pohf,Su,Evie – i’ve booked saujana for my wedding next year. it’s on 07-07-07. its a saturday. make sure all of u block tt date ya. hehe’

`you’ve changed into somebody whom i don’t mind putting the kettle on… still i don’t know what i can save you from..-heh- i tot of u when kings played on my ipod’


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