a practical ideal

In conversations on December 22, 2006 by carinasuyin

A cold night in Kanchanaburi, Thailand…
Ah Tan: I feel like puking but I can’t sleep yet. OK I ask questions, you guys answer. Tell me about your ideal partner. What should that person be like or what characteristics to have?
Me: My ideal partner must have two eyes, two legs, two hands, two nose, eh, no! One nose, two ears, one…
Ah Tan: Can you please be serious?
Me: Don’t you have any other questions?
Ah Tan: Meng Teck, how about your ideal partner?
Meng Teck: There is no such thing as an ideal partner.
Me: Muahahaha…
Ah Tan: Sheeshh…

Somewhere in the night sky above Malaysia/Singapore…
Ah Tan: I feel like puking. Hey, tell me about you guys punya ideal partner. You guys still owe me the answers.
Me: My ideal partner must have two eyes, two…
Ah Tan: AH SUUU!!!
Meng Teck: What is your ideal partner’s characteristics?
Ah Tan: Okie, Ah Chan makes me laugh. He takes good care of his family and takes good care of my family. See, like that lah. Now you two punya turns.
Me: Yeah same lah. Good sense of humour and loves his family and my family very much. Oh, it goes without saying, he must love me lots too. Hee…
Meng Teck: Huh? Is that all? You girls must be joking. Come on…
Me: Yeah lah, complex sangat for what?
Ah Tan: Simple is good. OK, Ah Su, tell us more…
Me: Okie, I’ll tell you what is not acceptable. He must not be a conceited person. You know, self-centred or selfish. I cannot tahan and we cannot jadi one like that. Remember Aaron and his condescending attitude towards the waiter? Major turn-off.
Meng Teck: Who’s Aaron?

Ah Tan: Meng Teck, your turn.
Meng Teck: Sigh… there are too many things to describe.
Me: Wahliao! Is it that difficult to even think of one?
Ah Tan: I know. She must love you a lot. If not, how to tahan you? *giggles*
Meng Teck: No, actually she cannot love me too much. I’ll suffocate.
Me: Eh, loving someone a lot doesn’t mean being sticky or possessive until can die lah.
Ah Tan: Yeah. Apalah…
Meng Teck: OK. I know, that person must be someone who can hold me when I feel vulnerable at night.
Ah Tan and me: *krik krik* Muahahahahahah!!!
Me: No wonder you need two pillows…
Meng Teck: Oii!
Ah Tan: What lah you….

A rainy afternoon along the highway in Johor, Malaysia…
Ah Tan’s question lingers in my mind. I remember answering that same question from Sugeo when he was visiting. We yakked till dawn talking about relationships, love and life. A good and sincere heart, has a mutual love and concept of family as me, loves, respects and admires me, makes me laugh, a bit sampat like me or adores my being sampat at times, must be giving and has ambition in life.
“Suyino, that’s not impossible to find, it’s just a matter of timing,” said Sugeo. toAdie once mentioned that he must be someone tender whilst Fung Kit said he must be someone with the brains and EQ to match. All that for practical reasons too I guess. Ideally, he should be someone who’s searching for me… My head nods with the weight of fatigue as I watch raindrops converge and race across the window, leaving trails that disappear as soon as they were formed or diverge in mad directions as they sped along propelled by the wind. I wonder if Santa entertains love requests. Gosh, I seriously need to sleep…


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