takeout goodies

In arty crafty on December 11, 2006 by carinasuyin

Lish’s bridal shower favour box: A chinese noodle takeout box (available from arts and craft supplies stores in varying sizes) is used to contain the favours: a bottle of soap bubble liquid, bubble blower, nail polish, wooden paper clip and magnet, a mini vial of perfume, a packet of jelly beans and some gold-coloured filler material to prevent the items from moving around. A handmade wrist corsage (foam roses, artificial ivy leaves and double satin ribbons) for each chi mui to wear on the wedding day doubles up as the decor/wrapping for the box and is fixed in place with cellophane tape. Finally, to personalise the whole package: a nametag made from brown cardboard paper and labeled in white ink (plus fake stitches around the edges). Voila!

P/s: They looked especially cute when arranged together, like pots of flowers, and the metal handle of the takeout box makes for easy handling/carrying.


7 Responses to “takeout goodies”

  1. Eww.

    The sweetness Disgusts me.

    Reminds me of my lackthereof a sweet significant other.

  2. Kesian, ada orang emo sebab kalah debat ke? Hee…
    Cheer up lah… focus on Vancouver, yo!

  3. Cute goodies pack. Actually what it is for? Souvenir as appreciation?

  4. Hi Shyuing! Yup, basically it’s a goodie pack for the girls attending the bridal shower. Some items inside can be used for party activities while the other favours plus the heart-shaped stress ball are simply included to add fun factor. The more the merrier, shower mahh hehe. The celebrated bride-to-be also gets one on top of other presents from the girls. If you have a theme, you can customise the favours given. It’s really up to budget and creativity 🙂

    It’s more of a western culture thingie to have a bridal shower, I guess. The traditional Chinese celebration would be the wedding eve ceremony cum makan at the bride’s house.

  5. I see. Eh creative-nya. xD
    Wooh really experienced now since attending so many weddings. 😀

  6. I love, love, love your favour box idea. Been searching for the chinese take out box. Where exactly did you get them from?

  7. Hi Fairuz! Thanks a lot 🙂 I’m not sure where to get them in Malaysia. In Singapore, they’re available at Spotlight craft supplies. If you’re ordering in bulk, you can buy them online from wholesale suppliers; might be cheaper.

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