meet you there

In recollections on December 8, 2006 by carinasuyin


“What? Carlsberg is for wusses!”
He held his right hand to his chest, grimaced, tottered and then steadied himself, “Aww, you hurt my feelings. I’m Danish and that’s one of my country’s pride.” Oops. Me and my big mouth. “But I prefer Heineken actually!” I heaved a sigh of relief at his funny grin and we both burst into laughter. When you have a dad that works in a brewery which you interned at and that brewery also happens to be the main competitor of Carlsberg in this region, you grow up learning to differentiate the greens and be suitably biased. Hee…


4 Responses to “meet you there”

  1. this is like the BEST picture that you have EVER taken. all other pictures are shit compared to this one.

  2. Weee, it’s also one of my all-time favourite shot 🙂

  3. was just browsing through your blog…this picture does bring back good memories…not like i have exact recollection of what transpired that evening in Amsterdam…heehee

  4. toAdddddddiiiiiiiiiie!! Not too bad what…hehe… you didn’t get drunk, we went to the post office and the flower market, lepak at the park beside the museums, saw lotsa Van Gogh art and orange football fans, and you tried the new herring in a bun, remember? Man, that was one awesome summer! 😀

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