chi mui chatter

In conversations on December 5, 2006 by carinasuyin

Photos courtesy of Pohf

“I’ll stop working when I have grandchildren.”
*Gulp* “Wahhh, like that pun boleh?
Ah cheh, when will Mama get to see you in a bridal gown?”
*Grin* “Not anytime soon, Ma…”

“My dad says there will be four bridesmaids with dark eye circles tomorrow morning because he’s pretty sure we will yak the night away till dawn!”
“Wahhh… your dad really knows us well… hee…”

“I asked him what medical term would he use to describe you and he said `pathological lesion’ because you are always clumsily bruising yourself or getting hurt. Therefore, he will be your lifelong medication!” Upon hearing that from Pohf, tears welled up in Lish’s eyes beneath the veil and we had to carefully dab them away as Kean Meng and his entourage made their way noisily up the stairs to the door of her bedroom.

“The look on your face said it all: total blurness. They were asking you to help Lish wear the chain from her mother-in-law and you stood there blinking away and wondering if you were required to do something. One look and we all knew you didn’t know what was happening. Kean Seng almost splurted his drink laughing at the sight of the poor bridesmaid who doesn’t understand Cantonese. Muahahaha… especially your sap ha sap ha look!”
“I didn’t know that poon leong means bridesmaid in Cantonese lah… Dahlah kena banned from speaking Cantonese! And you guys just stood there and laugh, so tak baik…

“Isn’t it scary to suddenly have so many new relatives? People you don’t know that you would have to know sooner or later and acknowledge as family.”
“Yeah man, but when you love someone, you love everything connected to that person in totality, kan? 爱屋及乌 ài wū jí wū, Pohf…”
Definitely easier said than done, we both agreed. While we watched Lish and Kean Meng serve cups after cups of tea to the steady stream of relatives from his side, I wondered what other thoughts were going through Evie and Guon’s minds.

“Guonnnnnn, it landed on you! Why didn’t you catch it?”
“No, it didn’t. You guys all cabut ke tepi! Cheating!”
“Guon, quit the denial, the bouquet is yours! You tak nak kahwin, kah?
“Yeah, hurry up and pick it up. It’s already at your feet, Guon!”
“Noooo… I tak nak! Eh, it’s not mine ok? Lish, can throw again, please?”


4 Responses to “chi mui chatter”

  1. Haha! So cute of Guon.

  2. Hee… I think the bridal bouquet can only be tossed once, right?

  3. i luuuurrrrvvveeeee weddings…the pix u took are VERY VERY cantik!

  4. Hallo Zoeeeeeee! Thanks a lot, glad you liked them! Tak dapat ambil a lot though coz sibuk jadi bridesmaid 🙂

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