penang delights

In food on November 25, 2006 by carinasuyin

penang delights

Between Ah Chan, Ah Tan and I, we finished three plates of char koay teow, two bowls of asam laksa and one bowl of prawn noodles. It was unbelievable sitting there at the foodcourt, polishing off delicious food that meets the standards of home. In all our years in Singapore combined, we have yet to find a place that serves proper char koay teow or excellent asam laksa, the way Penangites have theirs, until Mingshi alerted us to this gem-of-a-stall in Aljunied Avenue 2. Finally, a local place to satisfy cravings for Penang food! Mdm. Lucy Tan, the owner of the stall and herself a Penangite, came over to chat with us and was delighted to know that a Malaysian trio approves of the authenticity of her Penang hawker fare.

The prawn noodles’ broth was just heavenly addictive and the asam laksa gravy had the right thickness and proportions of sweet, sour and spicy flavours! The char koay teow had a lovely mix of lard, taugeh, prawns, chives and egg, not too oily and the noodles were delightfully springy. Only ingredient missing much to Ah Tan’s dismay was some cockles a.k.a. si ham. Mdm. Lucy Tan explained that most Singaporeans prefer it without the si ham so she made the default dish without it. Anyway, we got her mobile phone number and the next time we have cravings for some char koay teow, we shall call her in advance with the si ham request!


6 Responses to “penang delights”

  1. Wah.. you are making me hungry liau!

  2. Hee… sorry! But you just had the original!! šŸ˜›

  3. yes. 6 years here and none has come close… you sure its worth the visit??? i’m from penang! and i crave for ckt.

  4. Let’s see, no Singaporean char koay teow comes close, but it’s not as gempak as the original Penang version! Go try lah! Our tummies definitely considered it worth the visit šŸ˜€

  5. carinasuyin..i got ur link from cuppycakes blog..nice post u have there girl..enough to drool a girl on a strict diet and make her break it!;) keep it going!;)btw penang nasi kandar and fried noodle sure makes me craves for more!curry noodles too!


  6. Hallo nadia šŸ™‚ Thanks for visiting! Ooh yeah, Penang nasi kandar… especially best kalau dibanjiri kuah campur šŸ˜€

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