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In conversations, wanderlust on November 21, 2006 by carinasuyin

“So, what would you like me to get you?”
“Mail me a postcard please!”
“That’s all?”
“That is all. Thank you!”
I love postcards and everything about them. Whenever friends and loved ones travel, that is the only souvenir I’d request without fail. The colourful stamps, the printed images or illustrations, the handwriting and drawings, the messages (one-liners, travel blurbs and cramped essays), the annoying white USA postal barcode strips, the dog-eared corners, the little creases, the ink smudges, the joy and excitement of seeing one in the mailbox and the mystery of those that went missing!

Behind some of the postcards:

Here’s a postcard like you ordered. Just want you to know that I had a fantastic 30-hour stay in that edgy city some call Berlin. Wiyang and I spent it searching for remnants of the Wall. We found a memorial where a stretch of it (2 walls and death zone in the middle) has been preserved, from the kilometers that once kept East Berliners in misery. Impressive! Over at Amy’s a Msian restaurant I’ve proudly sampled Penang Char Kuey Teow with teh tarik. Was really cool coz the owner Amy (who actually has a pic of her and Muhammad Ali) doesn’t try to sell her cuisine and concept as anything but truly Malaysian. I had the perfect place to test out my Nikon with beautiful sights like the Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor and Berliner Dom. Overall I guess I found what I’ve been missing: my passport and a generous dose of internationalism, style and Cold War history courtesy of a very modern Berlin. You must come here sometimes. Love xx Sugeo xx

Experienced the Schonbrum Palace, where you can find the grand and elaborate rooms of the Austria Dynasty, once ruled by Maria Theresa, the first `Lady of Europe’. Siew Leong

Greetings from Qing to you in Perth, I always count it as a pleasure to know your girls who are uniquely talented in different ways. Thanks for the good memories that we could keep. Hope time and distance will only add beauty to our friendships. Look forward to reunion soon. P/s: Keep me update about your lovely girl stories. Love, Qing

My brother’s place in Aalen, Baden-Wurtternberg is really superb. Lotsa greenery and beautiful rolling countryside views. Went to Cologne, Karlsruhe, Munich and Daschau, stopped over at Stuttgart and other smaller towns along the train rides… Oh yeah, also to Rothernburg ob de Tauber!! Hope everything’s well and fine back home yeah? Am off to Italy tomorrow… I’m a bit roasted by now. So will come back a bit hangus esp with the tuscan sun experience in Italy hehe, Take care! Lotsa love, SU

How are you guys? This place is simply fantastic! The weather is absolutely marvelous. I’m lovin’ it! Been to the Fisherman’s Wharf today, saw the Golden Gate Bridge 2 days ago. Sat in the cable car (see pic) today. Was a rather fun ride. The cable car operator (old man) was flirting with us. The skyline is so beautiful at night from my cousin’s place. Regards 2 the rest of the gang. Hope 2 see you soon! Kavita

What’s up peeps? Me in Mt. Fuji now and it’s really beautiful here man… Show you pics when I return ok? 🙂 We are staying at a ryokan tonight, it’s really nice coz it’s one of those traditional types with tatami mats to sleep on type… hahaha… really feel like a Jap now. Leaving in 2 days time, going to miss so many things here man. The girls, the sceneries, the food, the warmth of the Japanese people, the friends. Haha… missing you girls too lar. See ya guys real soon ya. Love, Siew Leong-san

I was drenched after this ride! But that was cool 🙂 I was definitely soaked in the river of happiness, enjoying every moment I’m here. Will be driving to San Francisco, care to join me on the Pacific Coast Hwy? Just fly over! 😛 Meng Teck

How’s everything back there? Amsterdam, or rather, the Netherlands is ultra cool… Genting-ish weather, so siao. Doesn’t feel like summer, man! This is a land where falling in love with its cities is so effortless. No exaggeration, it is really a lovely city to fall in love, dream an aspiration or just be whimsical. Till later, take care, y’all! Lotsa love, SU

Take a drive down to Monterey Bay (about 2 hours away) where a quaint seaside town resides. It’s a beautiful place I tell you! A wharf that extends out into the ocean with seagulls everywhere and big, fat seals lazing atop the buoys. Everything’s very old fashion-ish; wooden buildings with titles painted on the wooden walls itself: MONTEREY SARDINES. Rustic and straightforward- very original and unartificial, unlike most tourist-y spots with their glitzy flamboyant banners and all that. Proceeded to 17 mile drive, a road (17 miles long) that carves through cypress forests and beautiful shorelines. The moss and lichens colours the rocks by the sea in reds, green, oranges- and the sea breeze is absolutely chilling. Very “message in a bottle” kind of feel; a good place to heal. Work starts tomorrow! 🙂 Wei Chun

To the ladies next door, `Greetings from Serbia’ Chammika

I’ve found the best place for writing postcards! In view of St. Stephan’s Cathedral, people watching at 9 something pm. I’m waiting for the annual Easter concert tonight! (Easter Sunday). My feet could really use some massage rite now but only found 2 shiatsu seats 😛 Travellin solo was the rite thing for me in Vienna. I got to gather some tiny thoughts when walking thru inside and btwn really awesome buildings. Got to see a few familiar World Book A for Art paintings 4 real by surprise! Some ratings: Museums: Klimt’s paintings are quite awesome; Photos: April rain yields yet another rainbow. Plus u gotta check out Gaudi’s soul twin called Hundertwasser! Goin back `moro (buehhh) Lurve, Sugeosan

Here is a little sunshine from this wonderful island. It’s been really great visiting home after such a long time. Been doing tons of things and telling the story of my life in Sg to millions of ppl over and over again! Don’t worry, I did mention my Malaysian friends who brought me around in Kuala Lumpur… How I wish I could extend my stay! K, take care, Cheers, RYAN

N.Y is fabulous. Left Brookhaven today. Manhattan is a busy street, with buzzling crowd. Its amazing I’ve passed Wall Street, Time Square & saw Empire State Building. It’s 8pm now but it’s still bright out there. Hope everything’s good back home. Will be doing more sight-seeing tomorrow. Can’t wait to visit the Statue of Liberty. Yvonne

Just arrived in Brussels this morning. Paris was wet and chilly but really beautiful at night. Barcelona was really unforgettable!! I’m missing it so much. Brussels’ so windy I think I need another 3kg in order to avoid getting blown off! Lotsa love, SU

Hola! Quintessentially Vietnamese 🙂 Love always, Meng Teck

Miami is a great place! Beautiful beaches (loads of good looking ppl also), great food, superb weather. Very laid back old town feel. I can definately live here man! Hope you guys are doing ok. See you all soon! P/s: Say hi to John (the fish:)) Kavita

Ohaiyo! Greetings from Osaka, Japan! It’s the 4th day in Osaka already, freezing cold at -15C and starting to snow liao :)!! But missing home at the same time too coz it’s first day of CNY ma! Workshop’s doing fine although it’s a bit too tough for me, Liu Yang and Linzhi. Lots of cute Jap guys and girls plus they are much friendly and helpful too! We’ve been placed at some cheap lousy dormitory to stay, but other than tat, life’s been great lor… 😀 Been enjoying lots of Jap food, sushi, sashimi, Asahi beer but I’m missing the local food in M’sia liao. W/shop ends at 6.30pm everyday but it’s already dark by then. Haven’t had the chance to really visit places around but sigh… missing home liao too!! :S OK ler, take K and see ya guys in 14 days time!!! Love, Siew Leong @ Bcubed

Greetings from Serendib! Iva and Chammika


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