reality in print

In bits & pieces on October 24, 2006 by carinasuyin

I used to read the newspaper religiously every day after coming back from school. From the front page to the comics or sports sections and to the obituaries, I’d pour over each article or its title at the very least. I’d read and eat lunch while lying sprawled on my stomach on the carpet in the living room, much to Mama’s chagrin. The day feels weird if I had not read the papers before I go to bed at night. While in university, my daily date with the dailies became weekly or fortnightly ones as Atah and Mama will pile up the week’s worth of newspapers for me to read when I came back for the weekends. Nowadays, I read them online but the fascination with the news i.e. the state of the country, has blunted somewhat.

Maybe it’s the increasingly dumb things that are constantly making the front pages or the depressing crime reports ever present, reading the news have ceased to be a joyful habit for me. The last time I bought a local newspaper on my own, I wanted to keel over by page five. I no longer wondered why our youth in general seem to love to describe themselves as jaded, disillusioned, cynical or pessimistic. Perhaps it is because they read and watch the news daily.

Anyway, I digressed. This article made my day simply because it is heartening to know that there are people who get it and are courageous enough to stand up to the flak, however ridiculous it may get. There are still people who hope and do something about their hopes.


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  1. I used to be an avid newspaper reader too when I was a kid. I’d read the comics section first then the sports page before going to school. Then when I got back, I’d read the whole newspaper from front to back, sprawled at the doorway (to save electricity ;)). Trying to understand everything. Anyway, like you, I started reading less and less when I got to Uni and it came to a point where I only read the sports and comics section.

    Why? The news reported were just like regurgitation. The commentaries were like brain washing sessions that left you sick when you finished. The special articles showed not a shred of critical thinking but were more like an opportunity to kiss the asses of the powers that be. Damn! Even thinking about it makes me sick. :S

    However, the Sun seems to be a breath of fresh air nowadays and my parents have switched to it. But I’m not sure how long it is before it is bought over or closed down.

    Anyway, it’s nice that someone has come out in the open to say what needed to be said. The 30% is a myth. That number will never be “reached” as long as UMNO is in power. And I guess to the common people it will seem like it will never be but not for those in power. They know where all the 45% or maybe even more is.

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