the charmed one

In bits & pieces on October 19, 2006 by carinasuyin

Bored stiff in the bus, a sudden SMS alert tone led to a flurry of text messages being exchanged:

Me: Ah Tan! Someone in the bus has the exact Kim Sam Soon SMS alert tone; the bee boo bee boo one!
Ah Tan: Haha… go see if he’s cute or not. If it’s a`he’.
Me: Aiyak… the whole bus has mostly uncles and ahpeks. Got lah one or two young men but err… no thanks. Potong stim aje nanti.
Ah Tan: Haha… Just check lah.
Me: Okie confirmed. It belongs to an uncle a few seats behind. Cheh
Ah Tan: Wahhh, the uncle watches Kim Sam Soon!
Me: …

Barely a week later, Ah Tan and Ah Chan returned from their Penang weekend trip with this for me, at the sight of which, I couldn’t stop laughing…


6 Responses to “the charmed one”

  1. Please enlighten me. Don’t understanding the connection between the piggy and the Korean serial and the ah pek. The ah pek looks like the ajossi in the Korean drama who sells sam gyeop sal?

  2. Err… No connection lah, just being sampat. The sms alert tone is Jin-Heon (from the series)’s one. The piggy is supposed to be a love charm, it helps you find true love rather than checking out guys with that particular mobile sms alert tone. Hee…

    wahhh sam gyeop sal… yummmmmmm!

  3. Oic. You probably don’t want guys who are attracted to fat, pink pigs, though. Probably all they want from you is just sam gyeop sal for dinner.

    Just my unenlightened view. 😉

  4. Cheh….

  5. your piggy photo is cute

  6. Thanks! 🙂

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